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The environmental recognition system, a standard feature on the devices, automatically adapts to the noise levels in various listening situation. With the Boost’s broadband frequency response, you not only get the low frequencies needed to create a rich sound, but the extended high frequencies past 4000Hz, necessary for better speech recognition and understanding. The multi-memory feature allows your hearing care provider to set each memory for different listening situations. With numerous adjustable fitting parameters, the Boost can be fine-tuned to meet these unique challenges, thus breaking the wall of silence to provide an enjoyable listening experience.

Nanotechnology For Added Protection Against Moisture

Moisture, body oils, and ear wax can all contribute to hearing aid breakdown and failure. As a standard feature, all Boost products are protected from these elements by our nano-coating system. This durable ultrathin fluoropolymer coating is applied to all internal and external components, acting as a water and oil repellent barrier. This hi-tech coating system ensures that the sensitive electronic components are protected to ensure optimal durability and performance.

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